The Drones by Eli Rezkallah



Most of my conversations lately revolved around anxiety and how fast everything is going, how did Facebook know that I wanted to buy this specific product? Is my phone spying on me? Are our computers watching us? 
Everyone seems to think that we are being watched, spied on and stalked by an unknown “force”: a group of marketers, brands, governments, establishments and even individuals.

So I went on imagining a modern day horror story inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s haunting film “The Birds”, where technology revolts against humans. “The Drones” is a shoot set in the (very) near future: one that is threatening to materialize at any given day.


Fine prints available upon request


Photography Eli Rezkallah
Produced by @plastikstudios 2018
Model @cajsawessberg @daliajay
Styling @mounaharati 
Wardrobe @watp.aishti 

Project manager @stephkassouf 
Art Direction @alex.curtis 
Assistant styling @gabrielakassab producer @lilialaurel copywriting @philippeuh 
Photographer’s assistant @Paulinemarou
Special Thanks @daliajay