MILEY X PLASTIK by Eli Rezkallah


There are a few moments in the history of Plastik that I consider highlights in my life. My surreal journey working on this issue is definitely one of them!Thanks to the power of social media, I found myself putting together a Plastik issue with one of Pop culture’s biggest icons Miss Miley Cyrus. The past two months were all about discovering Miley, not just as a musician, but also as an artist, activist and exhibitionist. She gives the universe everything she expects to receive. She is fuelled by her passion for life and this passion is visible in everything she does. Since positivity is contagious, I found myself more hyped than ever. I was high on art, music and colours. I was simply high on Miley. This issue is an ode to libertarianism and “doing whatever the fuck we want.” It is everything Plastik promised to be ever since its launch in 2009. Actually it is beyond a mere milestone in the history of the magazine. It’s a Miley-stone!